Try a bag. Notes of Raspberry, Lime, Sugarcane. Pour Over, Auto Drip, Espresso. City to Full City+ or Medium to Dark or try a Light Roast.

The Chinga Factory was built in 1960 in Karuthi, Nyeri on the banks of the Gikira River. It’s one of 19 factories/washing stations under the Othaya Farmers Cooperative Society OFCS), which was registered in 1956. They provide seedlings, dry milling, and farm provisions to all of its factories. Chinga supports nearly 800 smallholder farmers, and all coffee produced by the 15,000 growers belonging to OFCS is certified Fairtrade. The coffee contributing to this lot benefits from fertile red volcanic soils that are rich in phosphorus, and the region is famous for high quality coffee and tea. Once coffee is delivered to Chinga wet mill, it will be sorted before being pulped, fermented, and then washed clean of mucilage. Parchment coffee is then delivered to raised beds for slow drying, taking 14-21 days. At this point, coffee is then trucked to Nairobi where it will be dry milled and prepared for export. Our second offering to you from Kenya, enjoy.

Great for Auto Drip, Pour Over, Espresso brewing methods. Notes of Raspberry, Lime, Sugarcane. What will your roast of this delicious new coffee be?

  • Our new 12oz bag, savings of 25%, many new flavors from different regions.
  • Same great coffee.
  • Does not include cost of shipping.
  • Send a bag to your friend.
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