If you’re looking for a sweet cup with a touch of that Ethiopian fruitiness this is the coffee for you.Notes of Fig, Nougat, Brown Sugar.A choice slice of sunshine. A great start to your day or anytime you crave a warm cup. Brew styles include, but are no restricted to Auto Drip, Pour Over & Espresso.

The Mirado Station is situated in the Highlands of the Bensa District, surrounded by the mountains of Bale. This station is run by Daye Bensa, an operation in Ethiopia who we’ve long admired for the quality of their coffee.Daye Bensa is consistently performing incredibly well at the Cup Of Excellence in Ethiopia, and this year they placed 2nd! Naturals at Mirado are dried on raised beds, and shaded from direct sunlight to encourage very even drying which takes around 20 days, depending on weather conditions.

Notes of Fig, Nougat, Brown Sugar. Brewing styles include, but are not restricted to Auto Drip, Pour Overs and Espresso. Suggested roasting profile very from City to Full City. Light, Medium & Dark.

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